Brand Management

Nova brand is an uncomplicated three to five Star Home Away from Home Designs Villa, House, Hotel and Resort. Nova brand that is stimulating blend of local heritage and design accents that pair with modern amenities, facilities and unique concept of services. Creating to base on relevance to markets and the desire of targeted customers. The brands provide to serve the business and leisure travelers.


Our Brand Pillar are:

* Value: Getting the best deal every time

* Flexible: Having choices and solutions which work for both business and pleasure

* Consistent: Knowing what guest can have, and that its work every time

Nova Phuket Boat Quay Villa Resort is one of our hotel and brand managed by Stäärbridge International Hotel Management Company “SIHM” team. Stäärbridge International Hotel Management Company “SIHM” is a management company functioned as third party operators providing day-to-day management as well as supporting in accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, food and beverage etc. SIHM is the first-tier companies operates lodging facilities for third parties under management contracts and provide day-to-day operational supervision and property management as well as national or regional customer recognition through our trade names, as same as Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton or Accor, for example.


Our important role necessary is to grow the hotel, which has required creating or identifying new opportunities. The increase hotel volume over the last few years has created opportunities for management companies like us, which many deals trading unencumbered by management. As Stäärbridge International Hotel Management companies are evaluating the deals and bringing to the existing owners or one of a handful of equity sources with whom they partner. A growing number of equity sources that is our helps to better align the goals and objectives of both parties. Our company is about to expand a substantial amount of effort in pursuing new opportunities.  It takes in-depth understanding of the business environment, the ability to attract and develop a first-class operational team, robust processes and systems, and the capacity to deliver consistent profitability in an increasingly competitive market. In short the experience and skills in hotel management at the highest level.

We have the expertise to manage and support hotels in ways that can significantly enhance financial performance and skill to take over responsibility of the hotel or organisation, and can be flexible enough to work within the environment hotels have already created. By working with local mangers, and providing overview control of the business through our processes and systems, the Stäärbridge International Hotel Management SIHM team can help hotel maximise result in three fundamental areas: People, Property and Profit.


  1. People

Hotel and the team will benefit from a comprehensive review of the organisational structure and the quality of communication at the hotel, followed by practical, agreed implementation of any required actions. This will be including development and training courses for the key members of the hotel teams focused on delivering a great experience.


  1. Property

There are: a lot of questions must be asked such as: Is the hotel competing at the right price in the right market place? Does it maximise its potential? Follow our in-depth market research, we will manage whatever processes are necessary to implement the required projects, identify property improvements and where agreed, implement these to best industry standards and prices. We also have the experience to help hotel expand hotel portfolio by acquiring additional hotels.


  1. Profits

We compare investment returns against benchmark norms in the hotel industry, identify opportunities for improvement and implement these, where agreed, quickly.  Quite simple, the Stäärbridge SIHM hotels team is in the business of delivering tangible results and doing it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We entirely open in the way we do business with hotel around the world: